Announcing “Weaver-Hott”

In Git some!, new! on December 7, 2010 at 8:28 pm

By and large, it seems that our “Maximum” formulation is plenty hot for everyone.

But there has been a small contingency here in Portland, spearheaded by the hard men at River City Bicycles, who have asked for even more heat.

And since we aim to please, we set them up with an Uber-hott blend–the “Weaver-Hott” formula. It has a little more heat, and a little juniper extract to drive it more efficiently.

Only available at River City, because you also need to sign the waiver in person… (just kidding). So if the “Maximum” is just not doing it for you anymore, then head on down and pick yourself up a fresh tin of “Weaver-Hott”.

Weaver in action


  1. Just got my 2nd tin of Weaver Hott over here on the East (wrong) Coast , the River City guys got it out to me just in time for the winter freeze. Love your stuff , keep it up !!

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