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Judging by the quiet of our blog, you might have concluded that we’ve been resting on our laurels.  We haven’t.  We’ve been busy busy busy working out no less than 3 new products, and today we’re ready to introduce one to the wider world!

Without any further ado.

Northwest Knee Warmers is proud to announce our latest and greatest creation:

thanks to Jack999Aren-Burn!

Just in time for our favorite race of the season, Paris-Roubaix, we came up with an embrocation that will do justice to its namesake: the (in)famous Forest of Arenberg.  Famous to us fans, infamous to the heros who tackle this section of cobbles at super-human speeds.  And we’d be remiss if we didn’t give credit where credit is due.  Thank you to the folks at River City for dropping the name in our laps.  As soon as we heard it we knew we’d have to put something special behind a name as great as this one.

Its nose is a little like the forest, a little like the original formula you’ve have come to know and love, and a whole lot of excitement.  Medium heat, even a little greener in hue, we are sure you’ll love it.  Use our original formula for your everyday training needs, and try the Aren-Burn for race day.  Having a specific embrocation for racing has more of an effect on the psyche than you might think.  You will come to associate its scent with the excitement and anticipation of racing, and getting yourself into the racing mindset will be a little smoother and more pleasant.

It’s true.

So pick one up at River City, or here, and admire the shine!

Also, stay tuned for another launch in the next few weeks.  Hint:  After-Burn Tonic.  We know you can’t wait.


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