Washing it off

In How to on December 2, 2009 at 10:37 am

We’ve heard much from you about the quality of our embrocation.  You like the scent, the feel, the care that we take in choosing our ingredients.  We’ve also heard from you about the lingering of the burn, and we decided to give a more detailed primer about post-ride removal of Northwest Knee Warmers embrocation.

As you know–because you have read our other postings–our embrocation is 100% natural and washes off with soap, water, and minimal elbow grease.  You don’t need a Brillo pad like some of the euro’ stuff.

“But wait,” you say.  “When I step out of the shower after washing it off, my legs still burn and tingle.”  And therein lies the rub (pun intended).  You see, the capsaicin in our product binds to the nerve endings.  That’s how it causes the sensation of heat, and the reduced perception of pain.  Even though the embro’ has been washed off, those capsaicin molecules are still attached to your nerve endings just under the skin.  After a short while, the effect will wear off, much like the effect of lidocaine wears off after you’ve been to the dentist for a filling.  Personally, I like the lingering warmth.  It helps me to thaw out after a particularly long cold ride.

One final thing to bear in mind:  Capsaicin does not cause tissue damage.  Even though our “Maximum” warmth is hot hot hot, there is no chemical burn going on, despite what your nerves are telling you.


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