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Bee's wax in suspension

Bees' wax in suspension

We’ve taken the feedback we received from ‘cross racers, roadies, and even a runner or two, tweaked our recipe a bit and put together our first batch of embro’ for sale! But we’ve been so busy putting the batches of Northwest Knee Warmers together that we haven’t been able to finish up the website. In the meanwhile, if you want some–and you know you do–send us an email and we’ll tell you how you can get a tin of your very own via Paypal.

We are offering an introductory special of $15 for online purchases of our handsome 4 fl. ounce tin.  The special will last only until midnight Saturday night.  Shipping is $5, but if you’ll be at the Cross Crusade at Sherwood on Sunday, we can arrange a drop off there.  We’ll be there all day.  We’ll also be at the Psycho Cross race registration table most of the day, so find us for a full sized tin, or a sample (while supplies last).

We are also excited to announce that Josh at Cyclo-Sportif will have Medium Warmth for sale at Sherwood, as well as some samples.  Stop by if you’d like to try some first. Pick up one of his fantastic waffles while you’re there!

Medium Warmth

Medium Warmth

  1. I bought some at the fairgrounds (10/25) and liked it right away. Good stuff!
    Stayed on through my warmups and race, and kept my knees warm on the ride home as well.
    Note: Please remind folks that you DO need to scrub with soap and water to remove this stuff — and be sure to scrub under your fingernails too!

    • It is true that you need to use soap and water (I think peppermint Dr. Bronner’s is the best for this), you don’t have to use steel wool like some of the synthetic based embrocations on the market. It’s also useful to keep in mind that even when you’ve gotten it all off your legs, the burning sensation is the capsaicin molecules binding to your pain-sensing nerves. That’s why you may have a residual tingle after your shower.

      And yes, don’t forget the fingernails! (Especially if you’re a nail-biter.)

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