Well, what do you think?

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Tell us what you do and don’t like about your sample of “mild warmth” Northwest Knee Warmers embrocation!  We had a blast at Alpenrose today and appreciate all the encouragement and positive feedback we’ve received so far.

  1. mmmmmm…
    my legs were still tingly in the evening. made me want to skip my shower, much to my family’s chagrin. thanks for the warm-up!

  2. Hey! You gave a little pod of this stuff to my boyfriend at Alpenrose this past weekend and he just bestowed it upon me for testing purposes. I’ve had the flu, but I’ll be rolling around outside today for the maiden voyage. I will post a review on my blog (and my column at Wend Magazine, too) and be back to provide feedback. Thanks – Can’t wait!

  3. To “EMBROCATE OR NOT TO EMBROCATE” is never the question but actually to what level shall I warm thine withers. I was fortunate enough to be gifted a tin of the med. at the Sherwood race and was amazed at the gradual warming and of course the Pro-like sheen it delivered. I am a believer!


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