Samples done!

In The story on October 3, 2009 at 11:57 am
raw materials

raw materials

We rolled up our sleeves and churned out a big batch of samples yesterday.  We are pretty satisfied with the results, but the buck doesn’t stop with us….

The feedback we’re asking for with this batch will help us make the best embrocation possible, and the final recipe will be truly a product of the vibrant Oregon cycling community.

Here are our basic criteria for a great embrocation:

1) A great embrocation enchants you from the first waft of its aroma.  Its scent should evoke warmth, but not be too medicinal.

2) A great embrocation is easy to apply evenly and provides that PRO shine.

3) A great embrocation stays on through rain or shine, and will provide warmth for the duration of your ride–whether it’s a spin on the Springwater or an epic up (and down) Larch Mountain.

4) A great embrocation is not the gift that keeps on giving–it is simple to wash off.

5) A great embrocation not only warms your legs, but also provides nourishment (not just moisture).

We haven’t found any product that meets all the above criteria, which is why we were inspired to create our own.  We think we have a great embrocation on our hands (or legs) here, but we’re asking y’all to be the final judge.  Test is out and let us know!

We’re going to have 4 oz tins at Rainier for sale.  We want to give a little back with the first round, so we’re offering them at a discounted rate of $15, but the final cost will be $18.95 after the first batch is sold out.  Watch for our banner!

calendula oil

calendula oil


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