Watch for us at the first Cross Crusade!

In Git some! on September 28, 2009 at 7:58 pm

the label

We have a mission this weekend at the Alpenrose Cross Crusade event. Our mission is to find 50 worthy souls who are willing to accept and test our new product–for free of course.

We will be a bit incognito, since our uber-stylish t-shirts have yet to arrive. Keep your eyes peeled, and your sniffer tuned in. We’ll be making the rounds for most of the day, and you might just smell us coming!

We’ll have our online store up and running by this weekend, so you can pick up a tin of your own after you’ve gone through your sample. Watch for a link on the blog.

  1. Hey there I am an race official,and will be work during all of this Sundays race,so I wont be able to hunt you down for a sample or, to be a sample body, so could you please find me ( I will be scoring)? FYI I have tried many embrocations and have yet to find that perfect one,maybe your it,I embrocate when its 70 or below (bad knee)
    See ya Sunday!

  2. I think it is a proper time to introduce your product, and I like the way you are bringing it to the racers first hand, hope I have a shot at trying it as I have been trying them all!

  3. Can I use it as chamois butter too? How about on my lip for better breathing?

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