Do you embrocate?

In How to on September 25, 2009 at 7:35 pm

When the air starts to hold that unmistakable scent and crispness in the early September mornings, you know that the time for embrocation has arrived again.

Pull out your tin, or order a fresh one, and start by opening it and inhaling the aroma.  Now you know it’s almost fall–almost time to get your ‘cross on.  After a season of racing with embrocation on your legs, your response to the scent will be Pavlovian.  It will evoke the sound of knobby tires rolling through fallen leaves and the taste of mud in your mouth.

After you have chamois-ed up, and applied your choice of chamois cream, fold up the legs of your chamois.  With the fingertips of one hand, scoop out the desired amount of Northwest Knee Warmers embro’ for one leg, and rub the fingertips of both hands together to warm up and melt the embro’ just a bit.  This makes it easier to apply evenly.  Apply to your leg, taking care to rub it in around the tendons–the front and sides of your knee and along the achilles tendon.  This will enhance blood flow to the parts of your leg where it’s scarce and help to prevent injury.  Repeat for the other leg.

Now admire the shine.

The order of things is important here.  If you apply your embrocation before you put on your shorts, you will drag the spicy stuff up to your nether-regions, and you will not soon forget the experience!  Also, apply your chamois cream first, so as to prevent cross-contamination.

Be sure to clean off your hands after application–if you are in a race parking lot, use baby wipes.  Otherwise, you may find yourself in tears at the start line after rubbing your eyes.

Northwest Knee Warmers Embrocation washes off with soap and water.  If you’re at a race, baby wipes or a little ethyl alcohol on a dedicated washcloth will do the trick.  If you don’t shave, now is the time to consider it because it washes off much more easily (and shines up so much better) with bare legs.

probably a good idea to consider shaving

So do you embrocate?  Share your ritual.


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